Nulla vita sine musica.

A wonderful passion

Whether in halls, pubs, at other events, open-air, in front of friends or on a small scale, presenting my music live and taking the audience along is the essence of my vocation. I have been able to experience so many unforgettable moments in the past few years, and it is very special at every performance to share these moments LIVE again with the audience. I love what I do!

The Sets

Currently I play two different sets, the second one is optimized for smaller stages. They are Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage and Yamaha Tour Custom Maple (Moto X) drums. I think both offer good value for money and sound really great live. In contrast to the blue rehearsal room set, I usually use only one bass drum and only one tom each on the Tour Custom. It is set up with classic stands and therefore more flexible and better usable in tight spaces. The cymbals are from Paiste (old Alpha series), Wuhan (18" China) and Sabian (AAX), the rack from Pearl, the foot machines from DW and Natal. The snare I currently use with the small set is a Mapex Sledge Hammer. In addition, there is a Roland SPD-SX SE sampler.

Two HiHats on the left?

The reason for this is as banal as it is convenient: Since I stand on both bass drum pedals 99% of the time, I need a way to play certain figures without a hihat pedal. And I achieve this by using two identical hihats. The outer one is closed, the inner one half open. If you switch quickly from the outer to the inner and back, you get almost the sound of an opening hihat. Furthermore, this way fast bass drum figures can be combined with different HiHat sounds.